Can a person be too young to have problems with drug addiction?

Is age a factor when it comes to drug or alcohol addiction? Or are we all equally prone to becoming addicted?

asked 27 Mar '12, 17:06

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Drug Addiction

Drug addiction at an early age may damage the developing brain.



Though alcohol is legal, it is a controlled substance and is addictive.


Alcohol Addiction

As with any drug, people are never too young to become addicted to alcohol.

You can never be too young to have problems with addiction. Even some elementary schools have banned "spicy" flavored chips because kids were becoming addicted to them.

Any brain can develop a chemical dependency, but those that are less-developed may have additional vulnerability to addiction. The rate of addiction spikes in young adults and tapers off the older people get. Your brain does not finish developing until your mid- to late-twenties, which leaves a greater potential for long-term damage during drug use.


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