What is the difference between Crack and Cocaine?

There's Crack, Cocaine, Crack-Cocaine... Can someone please explain?

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Though the cocaine epidemic has slowed since the 1980's, many people still struggle with cocaine and crack addictions. Cocaine is most commonly snorted (inhaled) in "lines", but users can also inject or smoke it. Crack is most commonly smoked, using a crack pipe or by freebasing. Cocaine is a stimulant and an anesthetic. It was traditionally used in dental practices because of its ability to numb the mouth for short periods of time. Cocaine bought on the street may not always be pure and runs the risk of being laced with mystery substances like baking soda.

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Cocaine Abuse

Crack-Cocaine is highly addictive and has been abused throughout history.



Cocaine is a powerful street drug with high potential for abuse and addiction.


Crack Cocaine

Though crack contains the same compounds as cocaine, it is commonly cut with other, cheaper fillers like baking soda or impure methamphetamine.

Cocaine is the pure stimulant obtained from the leaves of the coca plant. Crack is the less-pure form of cocaine. Though crack contains cocaine, other substances, like baking soda, are mixed-in as fillers (this is why crack is considered "poor-man's cocaine"). This makes crack cheaper and abuse more common in high-poverty areas. They are both highly addictive and dangerous. Cocaine usually comes in powder form and is commonly snorted, taken orally, or injected. Crack usually comes in the form of "rocks" (hard chunks) and is commonly smoked. The term "crack-cocaine" encompasses all of the above (drugs with a cocaine base).


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It's like the relationship between "Molly" (pure MDMA) and Ecstasy... People take Ecstasy because of the MDMA it contains, but it is usually cut with fillers and other drugs like speed or meth. Molly, on the other hand, is pure MDMA.

Try this analogy: Cocaine is to Molly, as Crack is to Ecstasy.


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Same could be said for the "oxi" or "oxidadol" which becoming popular on the poorer neighborhoods of Brazil. That Oxi (which really means "rust" when translated, because it is dirty like oxidized material) is a cocaine derivative that is even dirtier / less refined than crack. That makes it cheaper than crack cocaine, and of course worse for your health.


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