How does drug abuse lead to diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis?

A news article recently claimed that drug addicts have a greater probability of carrying diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis compared to those who do not use. Is this true? If so, why? I guess I am not seeing the connection...

asked 14 Mar '12, 16:37

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Drug addicts are often so desperate for a fix, they will share dirty needles to get a high.


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Drug abusers often neglect personal hygiene and the safety of drug intake methods.

I would most definitely say it's true.

Addicts know that disease can be spread through sharing needles and unprotected sex, but times of desperation and severe intoxication cause them to neglect their safety. A sober person might never consider sharing needles or “works” with someone else, taking the risk of injecting blood-borne pathogens like the hepatitis and HIV viruses. However, the rituals of sharing are a part of the drug subculture for many people, from drinking with a buddy to sharing a joint to sharing needles and syringes. Furthermore, when an addict is in the throes of withdrawal or under the influence, his or her interest is decidedly not on hygiene. Hepatitis and HIV are not uncommon problems among addicts, along with a variety of other blood-borne diseases.


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