What is "herbal incense"?

What is "herbal incense" (a drug)? How is it used?

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Other names used for herbal incense include synthetic cannabis, synthetic pot, synthetic weed, fake pot, and synthetic marijuana. Herbal incense is sold at head shops and gas stations in colorful packets with clever brand names, like Spice Diamond, K2, and Hayze Trainwreck. Fake pot attempts to imitate natural marijuana buds.

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Designer Drugs

Designer drugs are created with the intent of mimicking the effects of illegal drugs, while remaining a legal substance. Herbal incense is considered a designer drug.


Synthetic Marijuana

Though synthetic marijuana is called "marijuana", it does not come from the cannabis plant and does not contain THC, like natural marijuana buds do.

Herbal incense is another term for "synthetic cannabis." In simple terms, it is not cannabis. It looks like and is smoked just like weed, but it is actually an alternative herb that is sprayed with synthetic chemicals in an attempt to mimic the "high" from real marijuana. The motivation behind these synthetic cannabis manufacturers is to create a drug that will get the user high without having the chemicals in it that would technically make it illegal for sale and use. Therefore packs of herbal incense are sold at numerous smoke shops, online, and even at gas stations.

The sketchy manufacturing and distributing tactics of some of these synthetic cannabis companies has led to inconsistencies in the makeup of the drug. While there are many types and brand names advertising their products quality, the user should never trust what is on the label. A recent spike in the product's popularity has led to increasing safety concerns and a doubling in calls to poison control centers in the last year. The drugs legality is currently in litigation on a federal level, but many states have taken it upon themselves to ban the products.


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