What is "sober living" vs. "transitional living" vs. "structured living" ??

I see "Sober House" or "Sober Home" with "Sober Living", but also "Transitional Housing" and "Structured Living Facility". I'd like the differences explained properly.

Housing in general is regulated by local, state, and federal governments, so housing dedicated to select populations (such as those in addiction treatment, or those suffering specific disorders or diseases, such as alcoholism) is also regulated. Therefore answers to this question may be state or locality specific, due to local and state law.

In New Jersey (where this question was posed) the state governs zoning, and has law regulating sober housing, which local municipalities cannot overrule.

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Drug Addiction

Persons in recovery from dug addiction may desire sober housing or structured living facility.


Alcohol Addiction

Persons in recovery from alcohol addiction may desire sober housing or structured living facility.


Sober Living

Sober living is a tag that includes structured living and sober living for those in addiction reatment and recovery from addiction disorders.


Drug Recovery

Sober housing is an option for those in recovery from drug addiction.


New Jersey

This sober living question came out of New Jersey.

"Sober living" is the same as "sober housing" and is a rental, where the house has rules requiring no alcohol and no drugs on the premises. They usually have additional rules, regulating being high or drunk, and sometimes governing the types of activities that are allowed (such as parties, quiet hours, etc). In New Jersey I believe they are required to do random testing, and to have a qualified resident manager who has been trained in the nuances of managing a sober home.

"Structured Living" is a more general term for living in a residence that has a lot of rules, usually designed to help people learn to live in more traditional ways than they may be used to, such as sober housing. You may have a Sober Home that has just one rule - no drugs or alcohol. But a structured living home would also include requirements that residents follow vertain guidelines, engage in prescribed activities such as 12 step meetings or other, visit therapy, etc.

You might think of it like the difference between an over-55 community vs. an assisted living community... one just regulates part of living there, while the other actually provides support services.

Half-way houses are similar to "transitional living" and is completely different from sober living. They may ALSO be sober residences, and might even require attendance in therapy or addiction treatment, but they are really meant to help residences adjust to regular life after prison or serious mental illness or addiction rehab.

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