What is skittling?

I've heard kids talking about going to skittling parties. What is skittling?

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This question on Skittles actually touches on two separate issues. We will let the answerers sort it out, for now, and check back later to make sure it was resolved.

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Prescription Drugs

"Skittles" is street slang for a commonly-abused over-the-counter and prescription drug.


Drug Abuse

The act of "Skittling", whether involving Skittles candy or not, is a form of substance abuse/drug abuse.

I'll add this: DXM (dextromethorphan) is commonly called "skittles" in the community. It is also known as "poor man's PCP" becuase of the effects of high dosing it.

DEA Website : "Street Names: DXM, CCC, Triple C, Skittles, Robo, Poor Man’s PCP"


Another one: "Skittling" is the act of swapping select colored Skittles out of a bag of Skittles candy, and replacing them with similarly-colored prescription pills.

As far as I know this is just rumor... and may just be one of many colorful made-up stories from the days of "Just Say No to Drugs" when a number of well-meaning parents made up scary stories to try and keep kids away from dangerous drugs.


So yet another answer - another of those probably-fake stories that parents circulated in the Just Say No days: a party where teens show up and contribute a variety of (brightly-colored) pills and capsules into a giant punch bowl... from which partying kids take drugs to consume. Written up as "Skittles parties" because of the brightly colored pills, tablets, and capsules.

Probably never happened... but out there on lots of recovery and prevention websites.

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