What is drug and alcohol tolerance?

What does it mean when someone has a high-tolerance to drugs or alcohol? How does tolerance change from person to person?

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Alcohol tolerance can depend on many factors, including sex, weight, ethnicity, etc.


Drug Abuse

Chronic drug abuse will increase drug tolerance, as your body begins to demand a higher dosage to get high.


Alcohol Abuse

Chronic alcohol abuse will increase alcohol tolerance. The more you drink, the more alcohol it will take for you to get drunk.

Tolerance has to do with how the body reacts to a drug or substance. If you have a high-tolerance to alcohol, for example, it might take eight beers to get "drunk", while someone with low-tolerance might only need two or three. Tolerance can fluctuate depending on substance used, dosage and frequency of use.


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As our brain adjusts to the presence of higher dopamine levels caused by drug use, the drugs cease to give us the pleasurable high we are seeking. We find that we need to use more to achieve the same level of pleasure. This tolerance is one of the primary indicators of progress toward addiction. The ability to drink or otherwise use large quantities without feeling high should be considered a wake-up call, not a source of pride.

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