What is cannabis?

What is cannabis, what are its effects, and how is it used?

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Marijuana is the harvested buds that flower on the cannabis plant.



The cannabis plant naturally produces THC, a cannabinoid used medically to treat pain, restlessness, loss of appetite, and other ailments.

The term cannabis refers to several different preparations from the plant Cannabis sativa that are used as mood-altering drugs. However, it is generally understood to mean the flowering head of the female plant, which is either smoked or eaten for the purpose of creating feelings of well-being. It is commonly known as marijuana, hemp, bud, ganja, weed, pot, and by a variety of other names. The major psychoactive component is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, assisted by a number of other active cannabinoid compounds.


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Effects depend on the concentration of active compounds in the material, and the amount used. There seems also to be considerable individual variation, much of which is probably subjective. They can include altered perception in general, feelings of well-being (or euphoria in stronger concentrations), relaxation, increased appetite (the munchies), increased appreciation of humor and beauty, episodic memory where many old memories arise rapidly, greater awareness of sensation and increased libido, among a variety of lesser effects.

Ill effects of cannabis use include slowed reflexes, impaired concentration, and drowsiness. Especially with prolonged use there may be anxiety, paranoia, disruption of short-term memory formation (partial blackouts), low blood sugar, increased risk of bleeding (especially in those taking blood-thinning drugs), chronic bronchitis, exposure to chemical contaminants from artificial cultivation, and additives meant to enhance the weight of the “product” or give the appearance of higher quality. These have been known to include ground glass, to give the impression of more resin crystals, lead, and a number of other toxic substances.

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