Is there drug and alcohol testing in the US Armed Forces?

There has always been a strong history of substance abuse in the US military, especially during war and deployment abroad. Are soldiers being tested for drugs and alcohol these days? If so, how and how often?

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Drug Abuse

Drug testing in the US Armed Forces is meant as a deterrence against drug abuse.



Alcohol consumption decreases motor and decision-making skills.


Drug Testing

Drug testing is becoming more prevalent among the US Armed Forces in an attempt to cut down on soldier drug abuse.


Alcohol Abuse

Many soldiers abuse alcohol to relieve stress and escape reality.

No way. So long as soldiers are still doing their jobs well, no one asks questions. "Don't ask, Don't tell."


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Not so fast, McKail.

Ray Mabus, Secretary of US Navy, recently announced that random breathalyzer and urine sample tests will be administered in 2012. This is part of their new "readiness" campaign, which aims to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the US military. Both Navy sailors and Marines are included in the new testing.


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Don't forget the US Air Force. Remember all of those pilots who were punished, even kicked out, for testing positive for synthetics? They got busted for using those new cannabinoid synthetics, like Spice and K2. I guarantee that testing has increased there too, at least until trends have died down.


answered 13 Mar '12, 13:58

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