Can you snort caffeine?

It is possible to inhale (snort, insufflate) caffeine?

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Caffeine is a naturally-occurring bitter, white crystalline substance (a xanthine alkaloid) found in tea, coffee, and added to soft drinks like Mountain Dew. Caffeine is a stimulant drug, and a reversible acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. Caffeine raises heart rate and alertness, and can be used to stay awake.

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The caffeine molecule is normally found inside natural plant products like coffee and tea, not in powder form.


Drug Abuse

Recreational drug users seeking a “rush” may choose to snort (inhale through the nose) drugs in powder form, in order to achieve rapid absorption into the blood stream.


Caffeine Addiction

Drug addicts become immune to the effects of drugs over time, and may require large doses that must be injected or snorted (inhaled).


Caffeine Withdrawal

Regular consumers of caffeine (including the caffeine in caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea, and Starbucks espresso drinks) may experience caffeine withdrawal symptoms if they go without caffeine. Caffeine withdrawal symptoms can include severe headaches and nervousness.

Yes. When in powder form, snorting caffeine would result in fast absorption into the bloodstream.


I just stumbled upon this company that is selling caffeine in aerosol sticks, called AeroShots. They say your supposed to "draw the powder into the mouth and swallow", but it appears just as easy to snort... It doesn't help that the company markets its products under the name "Breathable Foods".


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