Is caffeine a drug?

I swear my mom is addicted to coffee, is that even possible? If so, does this make caffeine a "drug"?

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Caffeine is a bitter stimulant that, when ingested, increases attention, fights fatigue, and boosts metabolic rates. Caffeine has also been found to increase anxiety and raise blood pressure. It is most commonly consumed in coffee and tea, but also can be found in guarana berries, kola nuts, and yerba maté.

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Caffeine Addiction

People can become addicted to caffeine and may find themselves needing higher doses to get the desired effect as chronic use continues.



Caffeine is a classified as a stimulant, most commonly found in drinks and supplements.


Caffeine Withdrawal

Regular consumers of caffeine (including the caffeine in caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea, and Starbucks espresso drinks) may experience caffeine withdrawal symptoms if they go without caffeine. Caffeine withdrawal symptoms can include severe headaches and nervousness.

First off, just because something is addicting doesn't make it a drug. If that were true, shopping, gambling, and sex would all be considered drugs too. That being said, caffeine is a drug (actually, the world's most commonly consumed psychoactive drug). Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, like other "uppers". It fights drowsiness and boosts alertness, that is what makes it a drug.


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Caffeine is definitely a drug, and a powerful one. But then so is salt, in that sense. And sugar. They both modify body functioning and can cause/help with various health conditions. But we don't normally call them drugs.

Sometimes we call substances poison. Is caffeine a poison? I think I'll post "what is a poison"?


In general, a "drug" is any substance that, when put in the body, alters normal bodily function. In terms of drug abuse, addiction, and recovery, a "drug" also has the tendency to create chemical dependencies and may lead to serious addiction and abuse. Taking both definitions into account: Yes, Caffeine is a drug.


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Of course it is. That's why I am so grumpy in the morning until I have a nice cup of coffee.


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