Requirements for IOP (Intensive Outpatient program)

What are the requirements for "intensive" outpatient programs, compared to outpatient programs? If I relapsed after rehab (inpatient) why should I think I can do intensive??

this question about Intensive Outpatent Therapy (IOP) comes via email from a few people, so I generalized it here. Also see existing question about "What is Intensive Outpatient Therapy (IOP)?"

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Drug Rehab

An IOP is one form of outpatient treatment, which is a type of rehab that does not require living inside the rehab center.


Drug Treatment

IOP is one form of outpatient treatment for drug addiction.


Alcohol Treatment

IOP is one form of outpatient treatment for alcohol addiction.


Alcohol Rehab

One type of outpatient rehab for alcohol abuse is Intensive Outpatient Therapy.



Intensive Outpatient or IOP is appropriate for some individuals who do not need medical detox, have completed initial treatment and are in Early Recovery, and are approved after a clinical assessment.


Drug Counseling

Just because you relapsed doesn't mean anything. MOST people relapse! The national data suggest most people (on average sort of thing) will relapse 7 or 8 times before achieving long term sobriety (!)

Relapse has nothing to do with working an IOP program. The Intensive part is really about committing to participating alot more than regular outpatient programs. In an IOP you might have to go every day for 4 or more hours, compared to a few times a week for an hour or so each time. Canyou do that? Can you commit most of your attention to working on your treatment, every day, for the best chance of success? If the answer is yes, IOP is for you.

Of course with all treatment/therapy, it is up to your clinical counselor to assess your status and determine if you are qualified for any program, whether that is intensive outpatient or anything else.

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