Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

When the news suggests prescription drug abuse is going on, what factors did they check that suggest prescription drug abuse? Like when they say pain pills are overused, how do they know it's not just for actual pain? What are these "signs" of prescription pain killer abuse?

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Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are regulated by the FDA as medicines, or as substances under the Controlled Substances Act. A doctor's prescription is needed for prescription drugs.


Drug Abuse

Abuse of prescription drugs is use for other than their intended medical purpose (as prescribed by a doctor), which includes use by someone other than the person they were prescribed for by the doctor.


Opiate Abuse

Prescription opiates and opioids (such as hydrocodone and oxycodone) are the most commonly-abused prescription drugs in America right now.

Definitely these are used as signs of abuse by the DEA when studying prescription records, and prescribing records of doctors:

filling prescriptions for meds at multiple pharmacies

getting prescriptions for the same meds from different or multiple doctors

repeatedly losing your meds and asking for replacements from the pharmacy

repeatedly begging the pharmacist for extra pills for whatever reasons (there are lots of excuses given)

I'm sure there are many signs, not just these.


More signs of prescription drug abuse:

Having prescription drugs in your possession that were prescribed to someone else. This is a common one for cops investigating at traffic stops, border crossings, etc.

Having prescriptions for drugs that are known to be incompatible with each other. They were probably prescribed by different doctors who didn't know about each other, which is part of the "doctor shopping" mentioned already (getting prescriptions for the same meds from different or multiple doctors). Sometimes you need sleep aids because your drug use is out of control, but no doctor aware of that reason for needing them should prescribe them for you instead of questioning why you're taking so many roxies or whatever every day.

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