How much is a BRICK of heroin?

Heroin comes in bags, bundles, folds, sleeves.. but what is a brick? 10 bundles?

Heroin is packaged into bags, bundles, and bricks by street dealers, according to local customs. Dose and purity varies geographically, as do the slang terms associated with heroin use.

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Heroin is diacetylmorphine or morphine diacetate .Street names include H, smack, horse, brown, black, and tar.


Heroin Addiction

Heroin is a Schedule I controlled substance, known to be highly addicting and subject to abuse and no medicinal value.


Heroin Treatment

Heroin is a popular substance for substance abuse addiction treatment, due to the severe heroin withdrawal sickness. Heroin addiction requires both heroin detox and heroin rehab.

A brick of heroin is 5 "bundles". The number of "bags" of heroin in a bundle varies from place to place.

In New jersey apparently heroin is a big problem and they "set the standard" for things like this. In New Jersey, a brick of heroin is 10 bundles (or 50 bags) see which came from


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This varies by market -- in New jersey it's pretty standard, but different from New York City and other places.

In New Jersey, a bundle is 10 bags. A brick is 50 bags (or 5 bundles).

The purity is up to the dealer.. you never know. The amount of heroin in a bag is also up to the dealer, but that part is crazy because heroin gets cut by everybody helping to take it from the city out to the suburbs.

A regular street dealer might maintain a decent bag by weight (30-60mg per bag) for his customers, with purity that varies according to available supply. The bags are filled with the flick of a spoon, not by careful weighing.

Some high school dealer in the burbs might cut heroin over and over, mixing in fillers to keep up the volume, as a way to stretch it out or perhaps to use part of it for herself. Bag content can vary all over the place.


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It looks like the mainstream press is using the term "brick" now. Here's a headline from New Jersey "17,000 Doses Of Heroin Seized In Big Fair Lawn Bust: Cocaine, a gun and 337 bricks of heroin were found, police said."

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