Outpatient vs. Intensive Outpatient Treatment

What is the difference between outpatient treatment and "intensive" outpatient treatment, for drug addiction? We are looking at options for local outpatient treatment centers and therapy/counseling for addiction treatment. Rehab isn't needed this time, and meetings weren't really enough last time. We can't be sure what is intensive vs. not intensive, nd sometimes they sound like they are the same meetings and groups. Are they the same? Mixed together? Or am I misreading.

This question about IOP came in via email.

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Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is commonly treated through group and individual therapies in an outpatient setting, or an inpatient (rehab) setting.


Addiction Treatment

OP (outpatient treatment) and IOP (intensive outpatient treatment) are both forms of addiction treatment, commonly used for alcohol addiction and drug addiction treatment.


Drug Treatment

This question asks for a comparison of outpatient treatment (for addiction) and intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), also a form of addiction treatment.



IOP is an acronym for Intensive Outpatient Therapy

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) requires more time in therapy per week or month. The local (probably state) boards set the guidelines for this, so it can vary from state to state.

Outpatient basically just means "not inpatient" or not in-residence (you don't live there, like in rehab which is "inpatient"). IOP is a form of outpatient (you don't sleep there) but is more intensive... requires more hours each day or week, for example.

In the best treatment centers, the IOP programs are set up so the more you do the work of therapy (hours in sessions, working the programs) and if that has positive results, the less you have to attend over time. Eventually, if the intensive therapy is working for you, your clinical assessment should show you have improved and can do just fine with less time in therapy every week, which means you move to outpatient therapy instead of intensive outpatient therapy).

I have seen some treatment centers combine people who are doing IOP with people who are doing just regular outpatient treatment, because some groups are small and can be combined. The IOP peopel are also doing a lot more hours in addition.

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