Does biofeedback work for chronic pain?

I'm looking at alternatives to narcotics for pain relief. I'm asking about each alternative therapy for pain, to learn more about the options.

Biofeedback is a treatment method that conditions patients to become aware of involuntary functions (breathing, heart rate, muscle tension, etc.), and teaches them to consciously control these functions for the improvement of their health. Biofeedback has been used to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), urinary incontinence, chronic pain, depression, poor blood circulation, and many other health problems.

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Drug Addiction

Many people search for alternatives to pain relief for fear of becoming addicted to prescription medication.


Prescription Drugs

Prescription painkillers can be addictive and may cause liver damage and other health complications.



Painkillers is a colloquialism for prescription pain relievers.

My firsthand experience is that yes, to a degree, biofeedback to control pain does work. The effectiveness really is influenced both by the patient's confidence in the concept (Does the patient believe they can be helped by biofeedback?) and the patient's ability to be aware of what they are feeling, control their thoughts (Accept the pain, let the mind move past the physical sensations and concentrate elsewhere.) and relax.


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