Can you die from drug or alcohol withdrawal?

I know that withdrawals can get pretty bad, but can you die from them?

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Drug Addiction

Withdrawal symptoms are a major part of drug addiction. Fear of withdrawal, or inability to manage the sickness of withdrawal, can fuel addiction.



Alcoholics experience withdrawal symptoms.


Drug Detox

Drug detox helps people manage withdrawal safely and comfortably.


Alcohol Addiction

Serious alcohol addictions create strong chemical dependencies that can result in life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

Yes. Both alcohol and benzodiazepine drugs (tranquilizers) have been known to cause fatal side effects during withdrawal. These most often include blood pressure spikes leading to stroke and/or heart attack, and Grand Mal seizures — often combined. While other drugs can cause incredibly unpleasant symptoms during withdrawal, they are rarely fatal.


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Yes. Withdrawal can be fatal, especially outside the supervision of medical professionals.


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Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning. She had a very high blood content at the time of her death. It was initially rumored that she had died of alcohol withdrawal (even the New York Times published that as a cause of death).

It may be that she returned to drinking as heavily as she had been drinking before trying to get sober, which is a common problem with drug overdose -- the same levels you were once used to taking can kill you once you have lowered your tolerance through sobriety.


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