What is DMHAS in New Jersey?

I've seen New Jersey "Division of Mental Health Services (DMHS)" and New Jersey "Division of Addiction Services (DAS)" and New Jersey "Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services" also referred to as "DMHAS". Alphabet soup?

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New Jersey is very active in reforming substance abuse treatment, providing support for substance abuse treatment services including drug and alcohol detox and treatment (rehab), and changing the way laws push addicts into prisons instead of treatment.

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Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment (substance abuse treatment) is managed as part of the New Jersey Department of Human Services.


New Jersey

The DMAS is part of the New Jersey Department of Human Services, which administers all programs related to behavioral health and substance abuse/addiction treatment.

From a NJ web site we learn:

The State of New Jersey’s Fiscal Year 2011 Budget formally merged the Division of Mental Health Services (DMHS) and the Division of Addiction Services (DAS) into the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS).

So starting in 2011 the two older "divisions" are no longer independent of each other, but have ben combined. That explains the new name. It is also aligned with the changes in health care, since "addiction services" is now considered part of mental health treatment. They explain this as well:

Recent advances in understanding substance use and mental health disorders emphasize that while these diseases are strongly interactive and inter-related, systems of care have historically treated them separately. This fragmented approach to care contributed to the stigma associated with these illnesses and has resulted in many missed opportunities to provide accessible and integrated care for the clients that seek services.

New Jersey had a 2011 budget in excess of 974 million dollars allocated towards mental health and addiction services, and over four thousand state employees assigned to DMHAS. The DMHAS contact lists this web address (although the older web sites are still active, with outdated information):

DIVISION WEB SITE: http://www.state.nj.us/humanservices/divisions/dmhas/ DIVISION CONTACT: DMHAS@dhs.state.nj.us


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