Can drug addiction be cured?

Is it possible to cure someone's drug addiction?

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Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a disease of the brain that must be meticulously managed everyday of an addict's life.


Addiction Treatment

Various treatment methods are available for recovering addicts to rely upon in when cravings become a problem.


Drug Recovery

Drug recovery refers to the process an addict may go through to find a meaningful and happy life without drugs.

No, you are never "cured" from addiction. Instead, "recovery" takes place over time; it is a process, not an event.

During active addiction, and often before, influences in an addict’s life cause them to relate to the world differently than non-addicts. The drugs themselves cause physical, mental, and social changes that are often difficult to set right. The term "recovery" refers to the process of repairing the body, mind, and relationships of an abstinent addict. Through the recovery process they develop supports, begin to change behavior and ways of thinking, and become a part of society as a whole, greatly reducing the chance of a relapse.


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I know recovering addicts who have been abstinent for 27 years and still struggle with their addiction everyday. It is not something that is cured; you learn to live with it.


answered 28 Feb '12, 15:03

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