Definition of Addiction

What is the definition of addiction?

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It is not possible to define "addiction" exactly, in a way suited to everyone. Perhaps the most helpful definition of addiction is the one that enables people to understand and recognize addiction, and seek help or addiction treatment.

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Drug Addiction

The second most popular form of substance addiction is drug addiction


Alcohol Addiction

The most popular form of substance addiction is alcohol addiction.


Addiction Treatment

Addiction is treatable. Approximately 50% of the cases of addiction involve co-occurring mental disorders, which are often part of the underlying causes of addiction. Addiction treatment (whether substance abuse addiction or other behavioral addictions) includes assessment for co-occurring mental disorders or conditions, and usually involves counseling, support programs like the 12 Step program, and may include physician-prescribed medications.

Addiction is defined by compelling, destructive behavior that continues despite negative consequences.

Compelling: you feel the compulsion, are moved towards doing, not just willfully.

Destructive: the outcome of the actions are destructive to your life and or others.

Continues despite Negative Consequences: One of the aspects people use to separate drug use or drug dependency from drug addiction, is that in a case of addiction, you illogically continue even though you experience negative consequences that should cause you to stop.


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Maybe "defined by" should really be "characterized by" since sometimes addiction is viewed as a disease?

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